Misterboomer.com is dedicated to the remembrance of things past, present and future for discerning members of the Boomer Generation.

Mister Boomer was born in the second wave of boomers, in the early 1950s, in what used to be known as the Industrial Midwest. As such, he stakes no claim to to being the quintessential boomer, just one of the many personal observers who were bombarded by the culture within the largest demographic the planet had ever seen. From personal experience, he knows that his experiences are shared by millions if not dozens of fellow boomers.

Each week, he aspires to share a few laughs, conjure up some good memories, and allow us to collectively say, “We may not be the Greatest Generation, but doggone it, I’m a boomer, she’s a boomer, wouldn’t you like to be a boomer, too?”