Talking About Our Generations

We strive to keep things on the lighter side here at, but this week Mister B’s spirits are low because he just returned home after attending his mother’s funeral.

The Greatest Generation, as Tom Brokaw named it — those born around 1920 through the mid-1930s — are quickly disappearing. According to government statistics, however, they are living ten to fifteen years longer than their parents’ generation. In fact, life expectancy has continued to rise since the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Boomer Generation is expected to live nearly twice as long as their grandparents. Average life expectancy is approaching 80, but a good portion of boomers will report that their parents are living well into their octogenarian years. Mister Boomer’s mother made it to her 86th birthday, his father reached 84. What does that bode for our generation, boomers?

We have famously been the generation that sang along to “Hope I die before get old,” but what if we don’t?

Mister Boomer will return to his former manner of postings next week. Until then, take care of yourselves, boomers. We’ve got a ways to go.