Mister B’s Top 10 Faves for 2015

As another year draws to an end, Mister Boomer takes to his annual tradition of choosing his Top 10 posts from the past year. His choices reflect his vision for the mission of misterboomer.com to connect our generation’s local actions — conjuring pure nostalgia along the way — with the nation’s cultural, social, political and emotional history. Mister B thinks these are worth a re-reading as we reflect on not only where we boomers have been this past year, but where we have been in our momentous lifetimes.

Now, in no particular order, here are Mister B’s Top 10 favorite posts from the past year. See how much of these subjects you recall, and what they meant in your neck of the woods:

Boomers Watched Out for the Iceberg
When it came to lettuce, most boomers knew only one variety: Iceberg.

Boomers Ask, “Where’s My Flying Car?”
Is the wait finally over for the flying car?

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da … Guest Star!
Stars of stage and screen couldn’t wait to appear on Batman.

Boomers Knew About the Bacon Grease Can
Boomers’ moms kept the drippings in a can — for reuse.

Boomers Grew Up With Two-Tone Cars
They had style and grace, and two colors of paint, too.

Boomers’ Fathers Were Handy Men
For boomer boys, being handy around the house was part of learning about what it was to be a man.

Boomers Ate Chinese Take-Out
Where has all the chop suey gone, long time passing?

Boomers and Safety: Let’s Be Careful Out There
The topic of safety was relative — or relatively flexible — for boomers.

Boomers Were Taught Manners, Then They Discarded Them
We were taught to say “please” and “thank you,” then we went about dismantling the manners of the previous generation.

Boomers Learned About the Birds and the Bees
Sex education was controversial before the Boomer Generation, and continued to be so during our youth.

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  1. Let’s be careful out there…H&I network has been broadcasting Hill Street Blues of late…

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