Boomer Cartoon Quiz

Mister Boomer thought he’d kick off his second year with a good old-fashioned quiz about classic cartoons. Of the many things we boomers share, one of the most ubiquitous is that every Saturday morning, we’d get up — often before our parents — fix ourselves a bowl of cereal, and turn on the cartoons.

Take the quiz and see what you can remember!

Boomer Cartoon Quiz


1. What was Mighty Mouse's catch phrase?

2. What was the name of Elroy Jetson's dog?

3. What was the name of the company where George Jetson worked?

4. What did Mr. Peabody always tell Sherman to follow him into?

5. What was Yogi Bear always on the lookout for in Jellystone Park?

6. We loved our anthropomorphic animal characters. What type of animal was Rocky (Rocky & Bullwinkle Show)?

7. What type of animal was Cecil (Beany & Cecil)?

8. How many fingers did Mickey Mouse have on each hand?

9. Who was The Professor's nephew on Felix the Cat?

10. What tattoo appeared on both of Popeye's forearms?

11. What was Quick Draw McGraw's occupation?

12. What law of Physics was often temporarily delayed in Road Runner?

Are you a boomer cartoon expert?