Boomer Kid TV Show Quiz

Hey, boomers! It’s time to test your memory about non-cartoon kids’ television shows from the boomer era! Ready?

Boomer Kid TV Show Quiz


1. Name the clown character on "The Howdy Doody Show" (1947-60):

2. Every live show star had a sidekick. Who was the co-star/sidekick on "Captain Kangaroo" (1955-1984)?

3. Name the main puppet on "The Shari Lewis Show" (1960-63):

4. On "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" (1947-57), which puppet was a dragon?

5. A lion puppet on "The Soupy Sales Show" (1965-69) introduced kids to contemporary jazz. The name of that puppet was:

6. At the end of every episode of "Romper Room" (1953-94), the show hostess grabbed a device which she said allowed her to see into the living rooms of kids who were watching, and peering though it, named some. The name of that device was:

7. On "Leave It To Beaver," what was the Beaver's given name?

8. Which of these people was NOT an original Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club" show (1955-96)?

9. The TV show "Flipper" (1964-67) was based on the movie of the same name from 1963, in which Chuck Conners played the role of Porter Ricks, chief warden in the Coral Key Park and Marine Preserve. What type of animal was Flipper?

10. "Lassie Come Home" was a film (1943) before it spawned the "Lassie" TV series (1954-73), the first of many incarnations. Timmy Miller's widowed mother on the show from 1958 to 1964 was:

11. Everyone knows Fred Rogers, of "Mister Roger's Neighborhood" (1967-76), started each episode by entering a house, taking off a jacket and hanging it in a closet, and replacing it with a cardigan sweater while singing, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Next, he changed from his work shoes. What did Mister Rogers put on after he took off his work/dress shoes?

12. "American Bandstand" (1956-89) with Dick Clark was a favorite after-school program for boomer tweens and teens. Which of these music superstars made their TV debut on the program?

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