Boomer “Firsts” Quiz

The Boomer Generation has witnessed many “firsts” in their formative years. Let’s see how many of these you remember:

Boomer Firsts Quiz


1. Who was the first human in space?

2. Which British Invasion band was the first to tour the U.S.?

3. Who was the first man ELECTED as President of the United States during the boomer years?

4. What was the first daily nationally broadcast kids' TV show in the U.S.?

5. Seat belts first became an option on cars before becoming mandatory equipment. In what year did the first U.S. governmental law dictate that all car manufacturers had to install seat belts on every car and truck?

6. McDonald's is widely recognized as the first national fast food franchise, and most boomers recall that Ray Croc, a milkshake machine salesman at the time, became the McDonald brother's franchise salesman. But do you recall, after the company had franchises coast to coast, when it first introduced the Filet-O-Fish sandwich?

7. Before the Boomer Generation, there was no diet soda pop for sale to consumers. What was the name of the first diet soda sold in the U.S.?

8. Do you know when the first bank ATM became available in the U.S. for dispensing cash for public use?

9. Which company invented the cassette tape that became the standard format that was first sold for home use in the U.S, in 1964?

10. Which American President signed legislation than enacted a ban on cigarette ads on radio and TV?

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